Evangeline’s Newborn Photos | Part I


Apr 5, 2019

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Brooklyn, NY
March 2019


My husband and I welcomed our third child in February 2019.   Since then, we have been absolutely smitten with her, and enjoying every moment of being a family of five.  We didn’t know whether or not we were having a boy or a girl, but when the doctor’s announced “it’s a girl!” we already knew her name: Evangeline.  It was a name we had decided on back in 2011 or 2012 when we were still dating!  We decided then, that if God would give us children one day, and we also knew then, we’d like to have a big family- that we’d name our first son, Daniel Liam, our first daughter Eleanor, and our second daughter Evangeline.  So far, we have kept all of our name picks, ha.

We currently live in a small two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.  Therefor, Evangeline doesn’t really have a “nursery, nursery” as much as a “nursery space” next to our bed.    However, we have moved things around in order to give her, her own special spots through out the apartment for her and her things.  That is why I have named this post “Part I” I’d love to photograph her nursery soon and share that as well. These photos are of her and her napping space in our living room.  That is where I keep a lot of her things, such as bibs, bonnets, onsies, swaddles and baby toys for when she gets a little older, in a drawer. Its is also where we keep her bassinet.  At some point everyday,  I usually draw the curtains and lay her in it so that she can soak in some warm light and enjoy the sound of the birds outside- and lets be honest also of the honking cars fighting for space to pass double parked Fed EX trucks lol.  She loves laying there, I think because she likes natural light, just like I do.

When  I took these photos it was a beautiful warm day in March.  The sun was filling the room with light and warmth and the flowers pictured (which I don’t know the name of) were filling the air with the most beautiful fragrance.  It was perfect.  I wanted the photos to be very honest to what it’s like in our home on any given day, so I didn’t really do much to the space.  I wash her clothes in the sink everyday and I hang them on our fireplace mantle. I left all of her clothes drying on our mantle as usual.  I really just wanted to remember & capture the feeling of watching her rest in the midday, and capture the the little things that we have gotten her or that have been gifted to her that matter to us.  We tried to be very thoughtful and intentional about everything we purchased for her.  Thanks to scripture & Maria Kondo, lol,  I felt very convicted about how materialistic I had been in the passed before welcoming our children.  I had felt that we had to have certain things, and then ultimately, when the baby arrived, realized we didn’t really “need” a lot of it. My last two pregnancies I went crazy thinking I needed a million little things for our children and then felt deflated when we could’t find it or couldn’t afford it.  This time around, while I can’t say I was always rational, lol,  I certainly tried to be.  My favorite things are the things I was able to pass down to her, that were also used by our son and our daughter, like many of the onsies pictured.  The brown rubber teddy bear was actually gifted to my mother at the hospital when she had me! And the Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals, we’ve been collecting since Eleanor’s 1st birthday!


Signature Bilia Bassinet by Design Dua | Onesie by Cat & Jack at Target | Pacifier – Bibs USA
Theology Cards by Tiny Theologians | Woodland Blanket & Wooden Teether by Garbo & Friends|
Lavender Bonnet by Zizutty | Missional Motherhood Book from Westminster Bookstore  | Moleskine Notebook in Brown Barnes & Noble



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