The Workshop Experience with Katelyn James Alsop

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Apr 17, 2019

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I know that its been months since The Workshop Experience took place, but due to being pregnant, then giving birth, and then to maternity leave, I never got around to posting this blog post.  I wasn’t ever going to do so, fearing it was just too late to be relevant to anyone, and then about two weeks ago, Katelyn James posted her blog post about this same workshop, explaining how being pregnant kind of makes it hard to keep up with all of this stuff.  I was so happy I wasn’t the only one! Once again, while showing everyone how human she is, she still encouraged me to move forward with something I wanted to do for a while.  Love her!

The series of events that allowed me to attend The Workshop Experience, were nothing short of providence. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fill such a coveted spot at the workshop experience and be given the opportunity to sit beside one of my virtual heroes in photography and just womanhood, Katelyn James.  Katelyn James’ education courses were one of the catalyst God used to keep me in photography when I had, had just about enough of set backs in my learning process.

Encountering her ad on Facebook one day, led me to invest in her courses, and use the tools she gives her students, to really transform my mindset and my small business. When I received the email that someone wasn’t able to attend the workshop last minute, and if I could take her place, I couldn’t believe it. My husband and I had a long talk and we decided that the investment was one we definitely wanted to make. When I write to tell you that the workshop exceeded just about every, (already big) expectations I had, I mean it.

However, before going in to how wonderful the workshop was, I need to share how unbelievably beautiful and supportive my husband is.  When I found out I had an opportunity to attend, I was nearly five months pregnant.  Daniel, my husband, weighing the options, couldn’t stand the thought of me lugging around luggage and camera equipment through airports and hotels.  He packed up our car with snacks, luggage and toys for the kids, gathered us all up (including our 80lb lab) and he drove us the five and a half hours to Richmond Virginia.  He spent the days working from the hotel, watching the kids and taking them to playgrounds and chik fil a, just so that I could have this experience and have him close by if I needed him.  He’s “my one”. <3

Now to the workshop.  The second I walked through Katelyn and Michael’s (gorgeous) front door, I was greeted with a warm hug from Katelyn, who of course, knew my name and remembered all the details of who I was, via what I provided via email. She was, as we had been informed privately through email, pregnant. Something I was rejoicing over quite a bit, considering the unspeakably difficult year she and Michael had, had with baby James. I had been so moved by how they wrote about James and shared his legacy to the glory of God, so beautifully and unashamed.  It had made me admire this young woman so much more than I already had, and seeing her in person, carrying her third child, while I carried my third child was so beautiful and special to me.

From the moment the workshop began, the loads of information and business tools we were being handed were unbelievable.  Hear I sat, in this beautiful home this family had built (literally and figuratively), listening to the wealth of knowledge Katelyn had learned over her career.  The Workshop Experience was certainly an experience worth having.  Apart from Katelyn, the other attendees turned out to be pretty awesome too.  The group of young women photographers and entrepreneurs was inspiring. By the end of the two days I couldn’t help but appreciate the community that had developed among us.

Overall, The Workshop Experience was beautiful.  I encourage young photographers to invest in learning from the best and in finding people who will inspire, encourage and educate them. I want to thank Katelyn & Michael Alsop for opening their home to us attendees and for continuously providing such great content and education. They are making a difference in so many people’s lives! Also a huge thank you to Katelyn’s family who did such an incredible job hosting all of us and providing such delicious meals! Thank you to all the vendors who brought their best and allowed us to photograph the fruit of their hard work and of their businesses.

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