A Bridal Shower in Williamsburg Brooklyn | NY | Rachel & Sharif

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May 31, 2019

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I already liked Rachel before ever meeting her. We had corresponded in the days leading up to her bridal shower, and spoke briefly on the phone during my “get to know you” call. I really liked how easy going and friendly she was, plus she had a great sense of humor.

When I arrived at her Bridal Shower at Amami Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, I was greeted by her sweet mother and an awesome group of women who had all come together to celebrate the couple to-be. The groom, Sharif and male family members were to join the celebration later on in the day.

The already charming restaurant was full of laughter, pretty drinks with flowers in them, and the scent of delicious food. When I finally meet Rachel she looked absolutely beautiful. Her smile lit up the room as she spoke and laughed with friends and family. The energy in the room, the fun decor and the people, made this bridal shower one of my favorites.

When the groom-to-be arrives he comes flowers in hands. So romantic. Rachel who was already full of smiles and enjoying belly laughs through out the day, is now beaming. Sharif is here.

I hadn’t visited Amami Sushi before photographing this bridal shower but from what I saw it’s definitely a place to go. The staff were top notch and everything looked amazing. A special thank you to Rachel’s mom, friends and family. Everyone was so friendly and a joy to photograph. Rachel and Sharif you are a beautiful couple and I wish you happily ever after <3

Venue | Amami Sushi Restaurant