Evangeline’s 1st Birthday | An A.A. Milne’s Winnie The Pooh Storybook Birthday


Mar 6, 2020

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Brooklyn, NY
February 28th 2020

In our family we have many traditions. One of the longest running traditions is the Winnie The Pooh 1st Birthday. After Eleanor’s (my eldest) Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday in 2014, I had so much decor left over. At the end of that day I also remembered feeling that I wish I had done everything a bit simpler in order to spend more time in the moment, celebrating my daughter’s first birthday. I decided to keep the decor that was the most meaningful to us and just it keep simple in the future, by decorating with fresh flowers & books from our own library. Ever since, I’ve kept books, reused wrapping paper, reused ribbons and candles and kept the kids birthday’s simple and sentimental.

When Liam was turning one year old I found this beautiful vintage Winnie the Pooh Birthday party set on Etsy. Its where I got the paper characters flying from the balloons. It was so wonderful pulling those out again and seeing Evangeline’s face when she walked in the room and saw all of her favorite characters seemingly flying around.

Evangeline was sick this year on her birthday so we didn’t invite anyone over, we just dressed the kids up, had cake and lemon water and let the kids have fun helping Evangeline open and play with her presents.
It was one of my favorite birthdays yet, because we got to be all there, together, in the moment, enjoying the day.

Here’s a photo from Evangeline’s birthday announcement from earlier in February too!

Winnie the Pooh Paper Decor | La Artista Samantha on Etsy |
Crinkled Cotton Dress | H&M
Floral Cotton Romper | H&M
Pooh Soft Toy | Barnes & Noble
Piglet Soft Toy | Barnes & Noble
Tigger Soft Toy | Barnes & Noble
Vintage Winnie the Pooh Books | Thrift Stores, Goodwill, Craigslist

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