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Mar 29, 2020

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August 2019
Art & Portraiture
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In August 2019 I reached out to my good friend Lindsey to pitch my idea for a photography project at The Met. Lindsey is a dear friend and an inspiration in many ways. I love her because she loves and cares so sincerely for the people around her, shes incredibly smart, funny and just beautiful & poised inside and out. She also happens to have an awesome sense of style. All of this came together to help inspire this shoot. I had this idea of what it would look like to photograph her among the big windows in the Temple of of Dendur in a red dress and one of her favorite hats I’d seen her wear. I wanted to create a piece that celebrated how she inspires me as a woman and friend, and how in many ways the attributes that I adored so much in her, are very much art in itself, “a muse among muses” are the words that kept coming to mind.

This isn’t the first (or likely the last) time you will find me sharing personal projects with you that involve my friends. I recently shared a collection of photos I took of my friend Franjoli from an evening stroll in Park Slope. Franjoli is another friend & sister who I consider my muse. Someone who I derive so much inspiration creatively from, and not just creatively but in motherhood, home life and so on. She’d probably hate that I’m calling her my muse, but hopefully she won’t read this part. That short photo collection can be seen here.
The idea of the muse is something I have thought about often when visiting The Met, especially when walking through The American Wing.
The American Wing, where many of the photos were taken, is full of incredible sculptures posed and postured in the that great hall. I’ve always wondered how the sculpture was inspired by their subjects, and so inspired that they would dedicate to creating these masterpieces that required so much of their heart, time and skill. I also think of the weight they felt to capture the essence of their subject or of the metaphor their subject represented.

Some photos from this project were featured in the 2020 issue of Calla Press Magazine.

Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Model: Lindsey | Photography: Writer & Beloved Photography | Featured in the 2020 Issue of Calla Press Magazine.