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May 13, 2020

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Photographers everywhere are staying at home and finding ways to continue to work from home while nurturing their businesses. Worldwide we are going through a very difficult, financially stifling, and emotionally draining time, finding ways to stay busy can be therapeutic and productive. One thing I’ve found helpful for me is writing to my potential wedding couples. I love to try to share wedding elements I am passionate about that I believe my couples will be passionate about too.

One thing I really hope to connect with my bride & groom’s with is, thoughtfulness. I’m a sentimental person, and I love to work with others who are too. When the couple is thoughtful and sentimental, it reaches my heart in a very special way. I remember one time when a bride once came to me with a box and said “this perfume was my mother’s favorite perfume before she passed away. I really want it in my wedding photos because its something of her’s that really means something me.” Knowing the history behind this item, allowed me to not only connect with the bride, but with her love for her mother. Knowing that made me focus in on how this mother’s legacy affected her daughter and how I as the photographer could make sure this woman, who is no longer with us, was honored & missed, through these photos.

Today I want to share one thing I am passionate about encouraging my couples to do and that is to order custom wedding invitations. While I love big invitation companies where you can simply scroll through pre-designed templates and pick the one that matches your wedding colors and viola- I also find that process can sometimes be less intentional and meaningful then having a custom design made.

Below I’d like to share 5 reasons why I love custom wedding stationary.

1. One of a kind.

You’re one of a kind. Your love story is one of kind. And your wedding will be one of a kind. Your wedding is a collection of unique choices that should be based on what inspires you two as a couple, how you guys want to feel, and how you want your guests to feel on your wedding day. These decisions should be meaningful, stress reducing, and wise financially.
When you contact a custom wedding stationary designer this person is going to give you a consultation and immediately begin learning about you two and what matters to you. Additionally, this person’s work already has appealed to you, so it is highly likely that once they begin designing your custom suite, their work is going to have that glow of your personality combined with their artistry. That’s beautiful! No one will ever have your custom suite and one has ever had it. It will be an heirloom.

I also find that custom invitations promote originality in the wedding process. Often times couples can make decision for their wedding without fully thinking about whether or not they REALLY want something but more because they think its what they are suppose to choose. I planned my wedding twice. In the first few months, I picked everything based on what I thought I was suppose choose. I realized at a certain point, I didn’t like any of it. I was just going with the flow. Once I sat down and put lots of thought (& heart) into it, I began to make decisions that were TRUE to my fiance and I and our story! Custom invitations were a part of that. We ordered pre- designed template invitations, and once they arrived, they weren’t us. My maid of honor saw my disappointment and surprised us by finding a pine cone sketch and printing it over the blank front side of the invitation. It changed everything. Pine cones were so us! At the time I could not afford to work with a custom designer, and honestly, did not know they existed. If I could do it over again, I would save up and definitely invest in something more personal and legacy driven.

Speaking of legacies.

2. Heirloom Pieces.
The quality and the artistry that is poured into custom suites becomes not just part of your wedding photos, its part of your family history. If you’re like me, you will have box or chest for your children and future grand children, with your album, wedding day details and heirlooms, saved and treasured for your family to experience for generations to come. The paper story of your wedding, is a part of that!

3. Aesthetic.
If aesthetic matters to you, then you’ll LOVE the opportunity to be intentional and particular about how the aesthetic of your wedding day will be complimented by your wedding invitation suite.

4. Emotional & Thoughtful.
Custom poetry? Custom art? Plant-able paper that grows into a flower? The possibilities are kind of endless. Custom paper stationary can tell your story to your guests while bringing them close and showing them you care they are a part of it too. By sharing with them what matters to you. Its not just a paper with information, its remarkable and its personal.

5. Wedding Gallery Cohesiveness.
(Kind of trivial in the grand scheme of things but still relevant and helpful to know)
I always let me couples know to have their wedding invitation suites available the morning of the wedding day for photos. The suite ideally should compliment their wedding colors and theme, as the gallery may look a little jumbled if their is a disconnect in theme or color. Similarly, if the suite is missing all together that will result in less photos for the details section of the wedding gallery.

Now that I have shared my 5 reason why I am so for custom wedding suites, I want to let you know that not having a custom suite does not mean your wedding won’t be special or unique! You’re wedding is special no matter what and if you find the perfect invitations on a big site, that’s great! I just want my couples to have the most absolute personal experience when it comes to their vendors, and their wedding day elements and love the personal connection that comes with custom suites. No matter what your source for suites, or if you have them at all, I will capture your day passionately and beautifully.

Thank you to Luna Lynn Creative for this beautiful wedding stationary. Jacklyn is a custom wedding & elopement stationary designer, and if you’re planning a wedding or elopement and want to know more about her collections, click the link here: Contact Luna Lynn Creative

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Behind the scenes.

I photographed these flat lays at home, surrounded by my three kids as they ran around a sun drenched apartment. It was a beautiful morning, and I felt proud of the work I was doing and how beautiful everything looked. I had hoped to share these right away and was excited about connecting with some brides who found this post would resonate with their wedding plans.
Tragically, a few days later, my father in law fell victim to this current pandemic and died unexpectedly in a nearby hospital. He’d been at a local nursing home receiving therapy and was going to be coming home soon, right before the pandemic struck. He went from daily visitors, daily walks and being surrounded by family, to strict room isolation for his safety and an abrupt separation from all of his children, grandchildren and his beloved wife. He was heart broken and confused, (he was 85) and so were we has his family- we wanted him safe but we missed him terribly. He was soon hospitalized, and quickly went home to be with Jesus. He tested negative for Covid-19, but the reason we consider him a casualty of this pandemic is that he was in a state of recovery before being isolated and this lead directly to a deterioration in his emotional and physical health.

His name was Angelo. He was an AMAZING man. He loved Jesus, he was so funny and witty, and intelligent. He had my husband very late in life, and even though he couldn’t throw a ball around with him at the park, he gave him so much more. He raised him to be an amazing man, just like him. They both love their wives & children faithfully, and give of themselves to others wholeheartedly. He sand old hymns, made the funniest jokes, and was by far the most endearing human I have ever known. I could not write and publish another post without telling you about him too.

  1. PAM PARK says:

    Love your flat lay designs. So thoughtfully put together. They would look beautiful in an album and after years a couple can look back and remember all the details of their wedding day.

    Very sorry again for your loss. Angelo was a wonderful man and will continue to live on in your beautiful family’s hearts. Hugs friend!

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