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Aug 28, 2020

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August 2020
Prospect Park Brooklyn

This legacy session was super meaningful because The Rivera’s (pictured) are the patriarch and matriarch of their families right now. They are beloved parents and grandparents, and during the pandemic they both contracted Covid-19. Both of them were so ill with the coronavirus that they nearly died from the illness. When these photos were taken it had been a couple of months since they had been cleared of the virus, and yet they were still both recovering and not feeling completely themselves. Their children felt it was so important to get them out of their home again, have them dress up and just celebrate their lives by having some photos taken.

The Rivera’s are a very dear family to me. Hearing of how they were ill during the pandemic and then the subsequent concern they felt over their loved ones if they did not make it, was heartbreaking. A legacy session is a session that celebrates family generations, while I don’t include the photos in the blog, their grandchildren also took part in the session. These two gushed over their grandkids and looked so happy holding them in their arms in the midst of Prospect Park on a warm, summer day- it was a reality they expressed, they feared they’d never see. If anything, I know for myself and many of my clients, capturing photos with our loved ones became so much more of a priority.

I was beyond touched when I came to visit them a few weeks after this day, looked up and right their in the center of their living room I saw a hanging a collage of photos from this session.