Mar 11, 2022


This family session was the perfect way to end my 2021 fall / winter family series throughout NY & NJ. I was so thrilled meeting so many new families, and this was no exception. The session took place at sunset in December 2021 in Liberty Park in New Jersey. The path was wild with foliage […]

Mar 29, 2020


August 2019Art & Portraiture The Metropolitan Museum of Art “Lindsey” In August 2019 I reached out to my good friend Lindsey to pitch my idea for a photography project at The Met. Lindsey is a dear friend and an inspiration in many ways. I love her because she loves and cares so sincerely for the […]

Jul 15, 2019


July 2019Park Slope, Brooklyn The other night I went out for a walk and dinner with one of my dearest friends. She is a wife & mother whom I admire so much and am always learning from. Whenever we’re together she imparts wisdom, makes me smile, and challenges me to be a better wife, mother […]

the list

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