Hi! I'm so glad you're here. You can call me Kass. I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Lancaster, PA. I travel all over to capture weddings, love stories and growing families.   I have a deep love for literature, education, art and cinema.  I often stay inspired by incorporating all of my cherished interests into my work.  I spend my days with my family, being a wife & a mom, my two very favorite things to be. We travel together, plant little gardens, read, and play. 

My goal as a photographer is to masterfully capture milestones and keep your stories alive through evocative and meaningful imagery. My clients regard time with honor and sentimentality, they see the importance of documenting their stories through photography and I am so honored they entrust me with that task.  My work has been featured in multiple publications and I have traveled all over the US, and abroad- to create a body of work I continue to be humbled & honored to get to build.  

Motherhood is by far one of the greatest feats I have ever undertaken. Falling in love and having a family has deeply impacted my approach to photography. When I photograph significant life moments, for couples & families I identify with the powerful emotions behind the moments. 

Black Coffee, Old Libraries, Architecture, Champagne,  Brilliant Memes, Theology, Re-reading the same books, Staying in, Rainy Days, Fruit Picking, Vineyards, Sarcasm, Pride & Prejudice (2005), The Office, Parks & Rec. 

Some of My Favorite Things|

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Photographer & book lover


Favorite Things

I love to let unscripted, organic moments unfold during weddings days and portrait sessions.  Of course posed portraiture and shot lists are important, and I incorporate both into my work, however those candid moments when everyone's guard is down, when laughs are full laughs, and tears are messy and beautiful- those moments are priceless.



I spend my days as a stay at home mom. I take care of our little ones and our many pets. We love to travel, bake, learn, dance and read together. They inspire my work so much. When I stand behind the lens and I see people who love each other engage, embrace- gaze at one another, I identify with those emotions because I live them too. 



Favorite Things

I love to schedule portrait sessions a little after sunrise or a little before sunset. These hours of the day allow for the sweetest light & warm glow to your images. When planning a wedding I help my couples plan around the light.
Naturally lit spaces are the most flattering & timeless. 

Golden Light


Favorite Things

My dream is to one day go to Africa and spend a few months traveling the continent, and taking as many photos as possible. I also hope to go to Europe and Japan and do the same. I have traveled to many states and three countries & I look forward to more adventures when things open up again!  I am also available for international and destination weddings, when travel restrictions ease. 



Favorite Things



romantic stories

I met my husband in 2009 through our churches. We quickly became friends.  I thought he was very intelligent & funny,  and I immediately liked how he always kept it real with me. His wit & honesty drew me to him. One day I casually invited him out to attend a lecture I was going to, that was being given by Elie Wiesel.  He kindly informed me that he couldn't make it.  I had no idea that he actually had feelings for me then.  He'd later tell me how frustrated he had been that he had to miss our non-date, but at the same time, thrilled that I had opened that door by inviting him out.  So he in turn invited me out to go see a play.  From the moment he picked me up I kept noticing new things about him that I hadn't before, how handsome he was, how nice he smelled, how comfortable & happy I felt whenever he was around.   By the end of the night I knew I liked him. It was that fast.