How Do I Book A Session?
In order to book a session a deposit of 50% of the session amount is required along with a signed contract confirming date, location and time.  The balance is due a week prior to the session and can be broke up into 2, 3 or monthly payments depending on the size of the collection. 

What is your photography style?
I always aim for evocative, film-emulating images. I love natural light and natural light is a big part of why my work resonates with many of my clients. I also love shadows and embrace them organically when it tells the most authentic story in the photo.
I want to capture honest, candid moments between my clients. 

Who is your ideal client? 
My ideal ideal client is sentimental.  Photography is important to them not just for holiday cards or Facebook posts, but for themselves and their family.  They love their family deeply and documenting their story as a family is essential to their daily life.
They don't pick Writer & Beloved Photography for their family photos arbitrarily, my work speaks to them and they are fond of it.  

Do you have any photo book or holiday card packages?
I do offer albums & photo books, along with print packages.  You can print directly from my galleries or make a print request directly with me.  Photos are delivered to your doorstep within three weeks. 

Do you offer any referral discounts?
If you send a potential client my way and the family ultimately books a full session with me, I will automatically discount your next photo session $25 or send you a photo print order of 10 images from your last session on premium card stock depending on your preference.  If I book three sessions in one year from your referrals your next one hour session is free.  I am incredibly grateful to all of my clients for referrals and for sharing my work.  My family and my small business would not be where it is if it were not for all of you! <3 

Investing in  Memories

Documenting your family, no matter how big or how small, is a perfect way to keep memories alive for yourself, for your children and for future generations to come.  As we all know, our children grow faster than we can keep up with. Every year we look back and notice that their faces have changed a little, they're a little taller, they've developed new quirks and talents, they have gotten older- and so have we. Investing in family photos allows us to capture our families as they move through life and time. Capturing these sweet moments is a worthy investment indeed. 

From Maternity, to Newborn to Family

A family session is a reflection of your family at this point in time.  It should be personal, authentic and sweet. Sometimes the idea of all finding outfits and traveling to go have your photos taken, or preparing your home for a session, can seem daunting. You may be worried how your child(ren) may behave or cooperate. Don't worry. As a mother I know that kids need their time to get comfortable with the process. I want to make the session as relaxing and fun as possible. I will encourage embracing, cuddling and hand holding. I want to capture you in all your joy and comfort as a family.  I will aim to capture individual portraits of each family member, along with different pairings of everyone, candidly and posed. 


Setting the Tone

Your family photos are a way for you  guys to demonstrate an aesthetic that is true to you. It's a visual story reflecting your style & personalities. I like to recommend neutral colors and tones that complement each other.  You don't have to all wear the same color, simply staying within the same tones and color scheme can be an effortless way to dress a family with outfits you already have on hand. 

For Women:  Your favorite dress or your ideal date look.  Ultimately you want to feel beautiful and comfortable. 

For Men: I recommend navy blue or kaki pants, a light colored button down shirt, maybe a sports jacket. A classic look that never goes out of style. Cameras sometimes have trouble reading shirts with small plaid or small stripes, and so those types of prints should be avoided. 


Family Sessions begin at $550. This includes 1 hour of photography coverage &  50+ images on an online viewing gallery.  The deposit to book is $275. 

Studio Session Events vary in pricing & time frame throughout the year.  Pricing includes studio rental and staging. 

Mini Session Events begin at $400  & take place twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.  50 Images. The deposit to book is $200. 

Destination Family Sessions
Out of state sessions that are more than 60 miles outside of Lancaster, PA begin with a $50 add-on travel fee.


From my family to yours, thank you for inquiring with Writer & Beloved Photography! 
I hope we get to work together! 

thank you!

The Baby Collections

Collection I | The Motherhood Session 
includes 1.5 hours of photography, 75 Images in an online gallery & 25 4 x 6 prints premium 
Begins at $700

With 10 x 10 Album add On Begins at $1,200

Collection II |
The Floral Motherhood Session 
includes 1.5 hours of photography, 60 images, one outfit change
and an airy floral bouquet artfully designed for your session

Collection III | Baby's First Year
This collection is great for documenting your baby's first year. It includes three photography sessions, a one hour motherhood session, 1.5 hour newborn and a 6 month session.  It also includes one heirloom keepsake box with 75 images from the three sessions (25, 25 & 25) printed on premium cardstock paper.  The amount of the heirloom keepsake can also be transferred toward a 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 heirloom album. Begins sat $1,700. Add an Heirloom Album for a Total of $3,000

Ask about a la carte options

For Kids: Similar color tones to what you as parents plan to wear.