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Dec 12, 2023

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As I’ve been preparing my client gifts for 2023, I remembered that I never shared last year’s client gifts here on the journal!
Last year I collaborated with a dear vendor and new friend Dieu from Bid Adieu Studio.  She’s a brilliant fine art stationer who I had the privilege of working with earlier in 2022.  I fell in love with her work when I stumbled upon it online, (thank you algorithm sometimes you do very well!)  and I just figured I’d reach out to introduce myself. We ended up collaborating and I was completely swept away by her work (which you HAVE to see here).  When I first received her paper stationary in the mail for our editorial collaboration, I couldn’t believe how special everything looked and felt. From the texture of the paper to the calligraphy and color palette. Everything was so beautiful curated and delicately custom. Thanks in part to her stationary our editorial was even featured in Bajan Wed in the summer of 2022.

It was a no brainer when I asked if she could help me with a fine art custom tag for my client gifts.  I nearly cried when I received them, I mean it. I was so overwhelmed by how perfectly she captured my hope for the tags and made them soar with her design and craftsmanship. Her work is so far and beyond- the skill and beauty are just so special.  It made me pretty emotional because I had never seen my logo so beautiful before.

The tags were a commemoration of Writer & Beloved Photography in 2022.
I wanted to celebrate the many wonderful new families and couples I had met and gotten to work with, along with clients who had returned again, many of which had grown their families.
I wanted to gift clients one of my favorite ways to receive photos, on heirloom prints.   I opted for a beautiful, thick, premium paper, matte prints and slightly torn edges.  It’s a timeless, romantic look that feels special and unique. I sent these out along with my new wedding photo boxes which I will reveal on my 2023 client gift blog post soon.

Thinking back on 2022 and now 2023 I want to thank God here before anyone who reads this. He is my Savior and best friend and He has been my strength in every season of life.  From childhood to motherhood He sustains me and provides for me. This small business is dedicated to Him and everything I have is because of Him.  Every open door and every shut door has been His providence. Every photo I capture and every thing I can and have accomplished will have been for His glory and by His strength.  I pray that as 2023 comes to a close now, I can honor Him that much more with my work and bring Him glory with everything that I do. He has blessed me with truly beautiful (beautiful inside and out) clients and vendor friends, who’s lives inspire me and my work and who bring me joy when I get to document their sweet moments and meaningful stories.

Soli Deo Gloria

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